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Ichiran Hakata Style Ramen | 5 Servings | ORIGINAL Spicy Red Sauce

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The Original Spicy Red Sauce is one of five ICHIRAN Originals. With this original sauce, ICHIRAN was the first to introduce the now popular concept of serving ramen with a thick, red sauce. The secret togarashi pepper blend of our Original Spicy Red Sauce is made from combining over 30 different spices and then slowly aging it to perfection. This creates a sauce that is spicy, yet contains a full of a variety of flavors that when combined with our broth and noodles, creates a richer, tastier ramen. Visually, the red circular shape of the sauce contrasts beautifully with the light, cloudy broth.

Developed in Hakata, Japan, the noodles are truly a masterpiece with firm, smooth texture and rich flavor. The soup concentrate is an authentic, flavorful tonkotsu broth full of umami flavors.

For a touch of spice, add ICHIRAN’s Original Spicy Seasoning to your ramen.

Each box includes Five (5) servings of individually packed noodles, soup concentrate, and Original Spicy Red Seasoning.