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Kalita HA-185 Wave Series Coffee Dripper 2 to 4 Cups | Porcelain Hasami Ware | Original | Made in Japan

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Kalita three-hole dripper is manufactured in collaboration between Kalita and Hasami ware.

The HA-185 coffee dripper is designed to filter 2 to 4 cups of coffee. Pair this with the Kalita KWF-185 filter to create the perfect cup of coffee.

  • Sharp engraved ribs: The ribs engraved inside the dripper is designed to capture air between the dripper and the filter by sharpening the angle to prevent contact.
  • Thin and Slim: The body is thin enough to shine through when exposed to light, and is made with a dedicated sculptor of technology. Lightweight yet durable
  • Made in Japan Precision: Bottom ring affects dripper performance and the high level precision ensures no rattling on servers or mugs. In addition, the 3-hole exhaust ports are evenly positioned to ensure ideal filtration speed.
  • Made in Japan